About Mark Fondor

Mark Fondor resides in the Seattle, Washington area of the United States. He enjoys all kinds of programming and development, but also fond of writing. Mark is a strong believer in open-source technology, and uses primarily open-source software and technology. Mark also enjoys many activities, such as snowboarding, mountaineering, poker (usually Texas Holdem), and pole vaulting. He maintains several websites related to snowsports and the mountains, a site which provides pictures, history, and information about the Alpental Ski Area. Mark caries his camera with him on most trips and outings, and has taken many great pictures of various locations around the Pacific Northwest, and many snowboarding pictures.

About This Site

Standards Compliant

This website is fully compliant with all XHTML and CSS standards.

No Tables

This website does not use tables for layout and design features. Mark strongly believes in creating standard compliant websites, and that tables should only be used for what they are meant for, displaying tabular data. This site uses CSS and divs to create its layout.


This site is fully compatible in many different broswers. The goal of this is for anyone to be able to view this site, regardless of what kind of computer they have, or what kind of software the run. Mfonda.info can be viewed at many different resolutions, and can be resized flawlessly. This website can even be viewed in text-based web browsers, such as lynx.

This page has been tested in many different broswers, to ensure it works for everyone. Here are a few of the broswers Mark has taken the time to test the site in, to ensure its displays properly for you.

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Site Layout and Design

The design of this website was created by Mark Fondor. As Mark is a strong believe in open-source, he has made this website design open-source, releasing it at OSWD. OSWD is a great website. It offers many open-source web templates to anyone wishing to create a website. It can save people lots of time, and be a great help for those who are inexperianced in web design. This site also uses a custom PHP/SQL backend, all created by Mark Fonda. All code is written on a Linux machine, using both kate and emacs as editors.


This website is kindly hosted by Digital Toxicity, Inc. They offer excellent quality web hosting, with excellent uptime, and some of the best prices on the net.